Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Look After Your Teeth

Beauty might only be skin deep and we should judge people's characters rather than their appearance. These are truisms. But it is also a truism that first impressions matter. One of the strongest impressions people give is connected to the state of their teeth. If your teeth are brown and stained; with gaps or missing teeth people naturally feel repulsed. They feel they are beholding someone who has not looked after him or her self or their teeth. The bad impression is made even stronger if that person has bad breath.

In nature the life span of many animals is determined by how long they keep their teeth. Once they lose their teeth they can no longer chew their food. Without the nourishment from chewed food the animal dies.

The ingenuity of people means that we have managed to extend our lives beyond the life span of our teeth. Some people look after their teeth well and die at a ripe old age with most of the same adult teeth. Others have a bridge or implants to add artificial teeth to their mouth. In this way they can continue to eat food and live a healthy life.

For people with shinny and clean teeth it is possible to have a great smile. A smile deflates tension and stress and signals to other people to relax. A beautiful smile is a wonderful thing that shouldn't be underestimated. When you smile, the world smiles back at you.

Going regularly to a dentist for a check up helps to guide you in good oral hygiene; it makes sure that any problem with your teeth is dealt with swiftly and not allowed to get worse.

A dentist can make sure that teeth develop properly in young people; that the teeth do not end up crooked or that there aren't too many teeth. A dentist doesn't just help with people's aesthetics; he also helps to stop tooth ache. If a dental problem is not seen to it can become a continuous source of pain for a person. Tooth ache is not something that is easy to live with.

A good dentist works in connection with a good dental lab. Today's dentistry relies upon a lab that can make crowns, bridges, implants and do a wide variety of dental lab work. Those who work in dental labs are not given the recognition they deserve in helping to preserve the dental health of people.

Finally, it should be mentioned, that for many people teeth take second place to other health concerns. People are more likely to go and see a doctor than a dentist. Indeed, the common perception is that a visit to the dentist is something to be feared, as it is sure to lead to pain. Moreover, whereas benefits may cover health costs, they often do not extend to dental matters. This is a failing in public policy; but, this failing shouldn't deter people from looking after their teeth.

Look after your teeth!

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